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!Happy First Christmas Stall!

Finally my first ever stall and perfect for Christmas. So excited and so nervous at the same time.

"am I prepared, have I remembered everything, have I got enough inventory?"

But thank goodness I made too much, I guess being over-prepared is better than and under, especially with no expectations.

This year (2021) I attended an annual festive market held at Bryn Meadows Golf hotel and Spa. It was an amazing day! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and truly Merry.

I learnt a lot from this and want to share my experience and first time tips, so take note :)

  • Its better to make too much than too little. It's a great idea to help replenish the bought stock on your table so it never looks bare.

  • Stick to making lots particular items, instead of two of this or only one of that just for the sake of it. Keep it simple and avoid cluttering your stall.

  • Invest in a contactless method of payment. Not many people carry cash and some places don't have ATMs, so card only.

  • Remember a float of cash

  • For precaution, take extra supplies in-case anything needs fixing or editing. You never know.

  • I know this is a sad one but don't assume everything is going to be sold and you'll be driving away with an empty car. Most people don't want to pay and think everything's a penny.

  • Linking to the previous one, never undersell yourself. You worked hard for this day and probably spent a pretty penny for on the stall and your creations; so try to break even at least.

  • Plan how the set up of your stall instead of being like me a bit too carefree, winging it on the day and then panicking because the doors were opening in 10 mins.

  • Lastly, Enjoy and don't stress. Just PREPARE. It's a fun, family day and a celebration of your hard work.